AWARD-WINNING actress Sharifah Amani has worked with many leading men on the big screen but top actor Datuk Rosyam Nor seems to have eluded her for a long time.

She has always been a fan of Rosyam whom she describes as an exemplary actor for his “3Ds” — discipline, diligence and dedication — and her wish to star with him has finally come true in Motif.

Directed by Nadiah Hamzah, Motif is an action film where Amani plays a tough police officer who investigates a major crime in town.

Rosyam plays the prime suspect whom she pursues relentlessly.

“He’s always been a role model for me, and we’ve met many times over the years,” said Amani.

“When I first met him a decade ago, I felt a little intimidated because of his strict and no-nonsense look. His muka (face) is really garang.”

However, the respected actor and producer was friendly, chatty, witty and relaxed. He even sounded youthful, and a far cry from his KL Special Force no-nonsense character Inspector Roslan.

“His humility and friendliness were magnetic. He showed great appreciation for his juniors in the industry.

“And, best of all, he looked forward to co-starring with me someday,” revealed Amani.

Despite being an A-list actor, Rosyam humbly attended sessions conducted by the film’s acting coach, Amani’s mother Fatimah Abu Bakar.

“He was there every day to help my mother guide the younger and newer actors but he also sought her feedback on certain scenes involving intense confrontations between his character and mine. He’s really a gentleman!”


Playing a cop was one of Amani’s dream roles but it required lots of physical action and guidance from real-life policemen.

“The week-long police training we received was tough but less than what the Gerak Khas guys went through. I was tired and a little bruised but satisfied that I tried something new,” she said.

“And here’s where Rosyam, who has vast experience in action films, gave me useful assistance.”

Amani said that Rosyam, who did most of his own movie stunts, such as jumping on cars and from first-floor windows, showed her the ropes.

“I was a bit scared performing the stunts but Rosyam made them look simple during our two-month filming around the Klang Valley late last year.

“He assured me that I would not get hurt leaping and rolling as safety nets and mattresses were always there to catch me,” explained Amani.

Asked about scenes where she fought with Rosyam, Amani explained that they made her feel “on cloud nine”.

“There are some scenes where we had to fist-fight and two of them are as real as it gets.

“He told me to imagine I was battling his infamous KL Gangster character Tailong, the vile “snake man”, so I went all out to pulverise him until the director yelled ‘Cut!”

Amani said Rosyam was “delighted” to be her sparring partner because he liked to see actors “depart from their comfort zones”.

“He admitted that he was surprised when he learnt that I took up the protagonist’s role. Nevertheless, he later congratulated me for a job well done.”

While her first team-up with Rosyam, which she describes as “Rosyamani”, is an action film, Amani would love to reunite with him in a character-driven film.

“I’d love to be in period dramas with Rosyam. He shines too as a character-actor.”


Besides Motif, Amani will appear in four other films at year’s end.

“There’s Zombitopia directed by Woo Ming Jin, and in it I’ll be fighting zombies in an apocalyptic Klang Valley once again. It’s a bit like KL24: Zombies but with different characters,” she said.

Amani will also appear in Syafiq Yusof’s school comedy Sekolahaha alongside Adibah Noor and YouTube stars Luqman Podolski and Adib Alexx, also known as The Vine, and the long-awaited Gol Dan Gincu 2, alongside Datin Diana Danielle.

Last but not least, there is Mencari Rahmat, a Malaysianised version of Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance Of Being Earnest.

Directed by Al Jafree Yusop, it features a star-studded cast that includes Namron, Amerul Affendi, Nadia Aqilah Bajuri, Adibah and Fauziah Nawi.