• Genre: Crime Thriller
  • Stage of Development: Pre-production
  • Status: Financing stage. Developed with the support of Ties That Bind
  • Contact person: mo@wayangworks.com
  • Director: Nadiah Hamzah (showreel)
  • Producer : Muhammad Bahir
  • Screenplay: Nadia Khan & Mamu Vies
  • Original Story: Muhammad Bahir
  • Language: Malay



Inspector Dewi, an officer from KL City is searching for a missing teenager, when she finds herself digging into the darker family secrets of a small town - making her a target for revenge and murder.


Police Inspector, Dewi (30) is stationed away from her beloved home, KL City, as she tries to distance herself from a brewing family feud, driven by her father’s second marriage. Upon her transfer to a quiet northern town, she’s assigned to a case of a missing teenage girl. 

Overnight, the case takes a tragic turn when a severed body part is found, allegedly belonging to the missing girl. As the townsfolk are driven into a frenetic, frenzied game of blame and suspicions, Dewi finds an unlikely ally in the form of a smart talking local born inspector, who’s job is to contain Dewi’s city-girl eagerness. Propelled by her own unresolved family issues, Dewi is drawn to pin the crime on the victim’s father. 

However as she mounts enough evidence against him, she finds that being vengeful doesn’t take her anywhere near to solving the case.