• Genre: Crime Drama
  • Stage of Production: Post-production
  • Lab: Developed with the support of EAVE Ties That Bind
  • Contact person: mo@wayangworks.com
  • Director: Nadiah Hamzah (showreel)
  • Producer : Muhammad Bahir
  • Screenplay: Nadiah Hamzah, Muhammad Bahir, Honey Ahmad, Nadia Khan & Mamu Vies
  • Language: Malay



A female police inspector gets mixed up in a small town missing person case, while at the same time faces a tough time being the second wife in a polygamous marriage.


Dewi, a police inspector from KL City, is assigned to a small town case of a missing teenager, Anna. In this close-knit society, she attracts plenty of unwanted attention, making her feel unwelcome.

As the investigation is ongoing, Dewi finds herself in a marital problem. Wedded to a married man in secrecy, she accidentally dialled in on her husband’s first wife.

More suspects begin to emerge as she gets deeper into her investigations, including Anna’s father, Hussein.  Upon discovering a key evidence, Hussein is brought in for questioning. The interrogation does not end well. Taunted by Hussein, she unleashes her fury and assaults him.

Physically drained and emotionally beaten, it’s an uphill battle to prove her worth as an investigator. But deep in her heart, she just wants to go home.