• Genre: Crime Thriller
  • Stage of Development: Pre-production
  • Status: Financing stage. Developed with the support of Ties That Bind
  • Contact person: mo@wayangworks.com
  • Director: Nadiah Hamzah (showreel)
  • Producer : Muhammad Bahir
  • Screenplay: Nadiah Hamzah, Muhammad Bahir, Honey Ahmad, Nadia Khan & Mamu Vies
  • Language: Malay



Inspector Dewi, an officer from KL City is searching for a missing teenager, when she finds herself digging into the darker family secrets of a small town - making her a target for revenge and murder.


Dewi, a police inspector from KL City, is assigned to a case of a missing teenager, Anna - daughter of a prominent family. As a stranger in this close-knit patriarchal society, she attracts plenty of unwanted attention. Her city girl ways do not sit well with the townsfolk - making her feel unwelcome and hampering her investigation. 

Things are not what they seem as Dewi starts uncovering more and more secrets revolving Anna’s (the missing girl’s) family.  More suspects begin to emerge as she gets deeper into her investigations - 1) Anna’s father’s business associate, Kamal who had had been cheated on their land deals; 2) Azlan - the heartbroken ex-boyfriend; and more and more evidence mount up to the biggest suspect of all - 3) Anna’s father - Hussein.  

Upon discovering a key evidence, Hussein is brought to the station for another round of questioning. The interrogation does not end well as Dewi, taunted by Hussein, unleashes her fury as she assaults Hussein. That night, Dewi’s car gets burned down. 

Beaten, Dewi faces a conflict - of whether to flee town or prove her worth as a police investigator. Is she able to beat the odds and win the battle, or will she succumb to the mounting pressures of this seedy town and its people?