• Genre: Crime Drama

  • Stage of Production: Post-production

  • Lab: Developed with the support of EAVE Ties That Bind

  • Contact person: mo@wayangworks.com

  • Director: Nadiah Hamzah (showreel)

  • Producer : Muhammad Bahir

  • Screenplay: Nadiah Hamzah, Muhammad Bahir, Honey Ahmad, Nadia Khan & Mamu Vies

  • Language: Malay



Driven by her relentlessness in seeking for answers, Inspector Dewi’s (Sharifah Amani) career with the KL City Police is on a rise. However, her new assignment to a small town is slowly unravelling her troubled personal life. Wedded as a second wife in a polygamous marriage, Dewi struggles for her husband’s attention, especially with the first wife already bearing his child. To make matters worse, she accidentally dialled in on her husband’s first wife during a particularly turbulent night, prompting a longstanding argument.

As Dewi dives deeper into her assignment to search for a missing teenager, she goes head to head against the girl’s father, Hussein (Rosyam Nor) - a splitting image of her own husband. Dewi prides on being a sharp and intelligent detective, and even more so a strong independent woman, but how does she persevere when it comes to facing her own demons.

Nadiah Hamzah’s feature film debut explores the complexity of polygamy set within the parameters of a crime drama from an Asian, female perspective.